Car rentals


Dear Visitors,

   We would like to help you in planing your vacation needs and in absence of a public transportation system, a car or 4×4 rental is important to get around and to explore the Islands.

We strongly recommend a 4×4 if you plan to travel on gravel roads!

Rustic Rental is a company based out of the Village of Queen Charlotte with a satellite location in Masset.

We are pleased with the services of Rustic Rental for many years.

Rental Prices:

  • Car    $ 38.95 per day, plus $ 0.25 per Km
  • Mini Van $ 58.95 per day, plus $ 0.25 per Km
  • Jeep $ 58.95 per day, plus $ 0.30 per Km
  • Explorer $ 68.95 per day, plus $ 0.30 per Km
  • S/C Dodge $ 78.95 per day, plus $ 0.30 per Km
  • Crew Cab $ 89.95 per day, plus $ 0.30 per Km
  • Taxes and Insurance not included.
  • For reservations or more information please contact

Rustic Rental @


(250) 559-4641

(250) 626-3756 Masset


A convenient shuttle bus service (Eagle Transit) is available from the Sandspit Airport to Rustic Rental. Reservation on the shuttle bus is highly recommended.

1-877 747-4461 or
Golden Spruce Motel is not responsible for possible rate changes.