cropped-banner.jpgExcellent fishing year round on Queen Charlotte Islands. Just a short drive from Port Clements and you can reach rivers like the famous Yakoun, Mamin or Tlell.


There are many more rivers,creeks and lakes to explore on the Islands. Guiding for Steelhead and Coho can be aranged.
Fish for Salmon, Steelhead,Cutthroat trout and Dolly Varden.
SteelheadDolly Varden-1
Season fresh-water:
  •     Pink Salmon : July – August
  •     Chinook Salmon : June – September (Catch and release only)    
          Coho / Silver Salmon : August – October    
  •     Steelhead: November – March    
  •     Cutthrout trout and Dollys: Year round    
For more fishing information please contact me (Urs) by phone or e-mail